Partials & Full Dentures

Partials and Full Dentures in Spirit Lake, IA

Thanks to the many advancements made in modern dentistry, including those used by our dentists near you at Great Lakes Dental Associates, choosing partials or full dentures for tooth replacement no longer have the old-fashioned connotation they once did.

With the technology and state-of-the-art equipment and materials used by our dentists in Spirit Lake, IA, partials and full dentures near you are not only comfortable to wear but natural-looking in appearance too.

Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

Apart from the benefit of enjoying all types of food without the worry of pain or inability to chew, replacing teeth can also benefit your physical appearance – and it’s not just the appearance of your missing teeth. Over time, missing teeth will cause your facial muscles to shift (also known as a sagging face), which will not only physically alter your appearance but affect your self-esteem too.

But with the use of partials or full dentures from our dentists at Great Lakes Dental Associates, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods for years to come, plus enjoy confidence knowing that you’ve taken an important step to restore your self-esteem.

Top-Tier Dentistry

When you visit our team of comprehensive dentists in Spirit Lake, IA, you’ll receive top-tier restorative and cosmetic dentistry that includes several treatment options for tooth replacement (in addition to partials and full dentures). Our dental care team will design side-by-side treatment plans that include dental bridges and dental implants as well as dentures.

We’ll answer your questions about the comfort and durability of each option, and we’ll contact your insurance provider for coverage information. There are pros and cons to each treatment protocol, such as cost variances and convenience variances, but we’ll make sure you have the information you need to make the best decision for how you live your life.

Learn More Now

We know that you have questions about tooth replacement. And we want to assure you that we are here to provide answers to each of them. The Great Lakes Dental Associates team will never force you into making a decision that you’re not entirely comfortable making, but you do have to take the first step by making an appointment with us.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon.

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