Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Spirit Lake, IA

Do you have a few minor smile imperfections that you’d like corrected but don’t have the time it takes for aligner therapy to work? Or perhaps you are interested in dental veneers’ solutions but don’t want to make the long-term commitment to ongoing wear that they require. If so, you might be a candidate for dental bonding near you from the team of dentists at Great Lakes Dental Associates.

Benefits of Dental Bonding Near You

Often considered the workhorse of immediate smile correction, dental bonding from our dentists in Spirit Lake, IA is a great option for anyone seeking results such as these:

  1. Repair of decayed teeth with a tooth-colored alternative
  2. Repair of cracked or chipped teeth
  3. Close gaps between teeth
  4. Correct the shape or size of teeth
  5. Color-correct a tooth that has not responded to professional whitening
  6. And more!

Patients especially appreciate that dental bonding is pain-free in almost all applications. Our Great Lakes Dental Associates dentists may suggest using anesthesia when the procedure repairs a cavity. But apart from that, the application of the tooth-colored putty-like resin is pain-free.

Although dental bonding is an affordable procedure, it is also considered a cosmetic dental procedure. As such, there may be limitations on what your insurance provider will cover. You can either contact your insurance provider or a member of our dental care team to learn more about your specific coverage.

A Durable Solution

Although dental bonding results are not as long-lasting as dental veneers or aligner therapy, it is a durable solution that can last for years with proper care and follow-up preventive care appointments from our dentists near you. By visiting Great Lakes Dental Associates regularly for exams and cleanings near you, our dentists will detect any minor problems before they become larger ones.

And because dental bonding is not as invasive to your natural teeth as dental veneers (which requires removing your tooth’s enamel), many patients choose this option as their first step into cosmetic dentistry before making a more permanent commitment.

If you’d like to learn more about dental bonding or the other suite of cosmetic dentistry services our dentists provide, we invite you to make an appointment with Great Lakes Dental Associates today.

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