Why Do The Veneers Look So Big?

Why Do The Veneers Look So Big?

July 1, 2023

Are your dental veneers appearing too thick or bulky? Well-designed tooth veneers should not make your teeth appear larger unless you want them to. In addition, in minimally invasive restorative procedures, dental veneers help correct many cosmetic dental issues impacting your teeth and smile.

When placing dental veneers near you, the dentist will remove some tooth enamel from your teeth to accommodate the ultra-thin cells. After reshaping your teeth, the dentist sends their impressions to the dental laboratory to customize the shells to fit your teeth appropriately. If you discover that your veneers appear large, making your teeth look like horses’ teeth, you probably are dealing with an inexperienced dentist or the dental technician fabricating your veneers is also naive in delivering larger than usual surfaces for your teeth.

When considering dental veneers to improve the looks of your teeth to complement your smile, it helps if you deal with an experienced dentist with the understanding and skills to create a natural smile. An experienced dental professional can determine the appropriate material and color of the veneers best suited for your situation by considering your facial shape and skin color. In addition, an experienced professional will choose the size and apply the surfaces with finesse when ready for placement.

If you already have dental veneers and are concerned about the result, you may think the shells are too big for your teeth. We are here to answer your question and help you overcome the challenge. Kindly continue reading to learn why your veneers appear too large for your teeth.

Why Do Veneers Look So Big on Your Teeth?

A beautiful smile is crucial for your life. The smile influences your self-esteem and social life. Multiple factors such as teeth color, size, and shape help create a beautiful smile. If you lack any of the above, your veneers will likely appear extra large on your teeth.

Dental veneers are an option to fix dental defects to develop a perfect smile. However, if your dentist overlooked minor details during the application, it may result in consequences that make the shells appear large. Therefore, it will be another problem that you must resolve as soon as possible.

Incorrectly fabricated veneers can make your teeth appear more prominent, which you will not like. We know you will be distressed by the shells, but we can help you by explaining what might have caused the problem.

When you receive dental veneers nearby from the dentist, they may have given you the wrong size, incorrect application, bad material, and wrong color of dental veneers. As mentioned below, we explain how these factors can affect the veneer’s outcome.

  • Wrong Size: each face type has an ideal tooth size to balance features and appear their best. Some people have small mouths and jaws. In such cases, dentists must ensure they instruct the dental lab to create small veneers. You would have been better off if you had sought veneers from the dentist in Spirit Lake, IA, instead of choosing dental veneers nearby because the skilled dentist determines which surfaces are appropriate for your needs to make you look natural. Extra-large shells will appear bulky on your teeth and unnatural to impact your smile instead of improving it.
  • Incorrect Application: the primary reason veneers appear prominent on your teeth is erroneous application. The dentist you dealt with may not have measured your teeth when placing the veneers making their appearance look bad. When getting dental veneers, you must get them from an experienced dentist like the Spirit Lake professional because the correct application is essential for maintaining the appearance of the surfaces and healthy teeth. If the dentist did not apply your veneers correctly, you could injure your mouth.
  • Bad Material: dental veneers are fabricated from different materials, including porcelain, composite resin, zirconium, et cetera. Your dentist is responsible for determining which type of veneer best suits your teeth and must discuss the material before reshaping your teeth. Using inappropriate material for the shells can make your teeth appear larger to make you think the veneers are too big on your teeth.
  • Wrong Color: the dentist 51360 ensures they choose the appropriate color for your teeth, helping the veneers remain indistinguishable in your mouth. Dentists have the tools to measure the color of your lips and eyes to recommend the appropriate shade for the shells you intend to have on your teeth to complement your smile.

What Can You Do If Your Veneers Appear So Big?

If your dental veneers appear extra prominent on your teeth, the optimal method to fix the issue is to stop seeking them nearby because you may receive them from inexperienced professionals with little knowledge about making your teeth appear natural. Instead, you must seek dental veneers from¬†Great Lakes Dental Associates,¬†who have experienced professionals to ensure your teeth look realistic and the surfaces complement your smile as you desire. If you want to change the looks of your dental veneers, kindly schedule an appointment with this dental practice to make your teeth appear as usual, looking larger, like horses’ teeth.